Conscious and Corporate

“To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” – James Baldwin

I had heard this before. I never really FELT this. I never really KNEW this. Until now.

Y’all call it woke
A string of things

I call it “the norm” for every educated, oppressed, successful, self-aware, pro-black, POC in America right now.

My therapist asked me how my mood has been lately…my answer? Um, irritable? No, no…enraged. Yes, enraged, definitely enraged.

It’s crazy
How comically insightful Issa Rae is in Insecure, yet she speaks to and for the masses.

I feel “hypersensitive.”

but then I have dinner with a fellow POC in the workplace
and realize
I’m really just…

“True to self”
“Not for the bullshit”

Y’all ever feel like this?
How long am I supposed to grin and giggle at your bland antics and still get your sh*t done for you on time just because you wear a power-suit?
How may times do I visit HR before I remember that HR really means protect the company from liability first, resource the human later?
How many times do I let you interrupt me in MY meeting until I go ape-sh*t and ruin the party?

Without lookin like the “angry black girl”
Without lookin like the “bitch” who never laughs at your jokes
Without lookin like the “complainer”


“To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” – James Baldwin


2 Replies to “Conscious and Corporate”

  1. You are speaking my language. It’s so true that it’s now ‘the norm’ to feel this struggle. You talk to other POC, and there is a common sense of awareness, frustration, sadness, balanced with (as you mentioned) being unapologetic, and not for the bull-shit. Yet outside of POC conversation, it’s simplified to being either sensitive or angry, or whatever else we may be called.

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    1. Right! Things begin to become battles and we have to choose which ones are worth fighting. It’s like with being conscious, we’re almost programmed to pick up on things that most authoritative figures don’t so it’s tough to not just remain enraged !! Glad you felt you could relate to this 🙂

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