Let’s Have Dinner, America

I feel like company!
No, we don’t have to go to the store
I have all of the ingredients
Thanks to you
Thanks to you all

Just pick your plate from the menu and I’ll get to whipping it up:

Combination Dinner #1

A heaping pile of black tv and the downward spiral of failing lifting our people up. We chant “for the culture” but we allow writers like Tyler Perry to recreate the exact stereotypes that “put us on tv” to begin with. By patronizing the series of reality shows, praising sh*t like Love and Hip Hop and being the first in line to see the Madea movies, we bring back the past. Things like the mammy figure. Sure, she’s not a servant, but…

This plate is served with a side of the woman is weak until she finds a “strong” man to rescue her along with a small cup of I have a gun and I’m going to tote this around as if black people aren’t dying everyday for carrying. Sides can be substituted for a drunk uncle and the portrayal that a scorned black woman is a now a bitch and flies off the handle when given the chance.

Combination Dinner #2

Served warm, dinner plate #2 includes sexual harassment as the main course with a side of let’s all chime in even though none of us were there.


Sides can be substituted for don’t ask the victim why they “came forward now” and if you’ve never gone through it – then you have no voice in this speech. Inputting your opinion as if I am supposed to agree is an extra charge.

Combination Dinner #3

A cup of media soup. Served chilled, media soup includes fresh let’s blind the public with this one so we can hide what’s really happening behind the scenes. Includes hints of propaganda, misleading advertisements and false medical claims. Please inform your server if you are *woke*,  consuming media soup may cause mind numbing effects.



Sugar free “organic”, overpriced, mis-labeled, non farm-to-table orange sherbert. So good you’ll never stop tweeting about it!! Served icy.rhFlKTNcKWZmPXA-1600x900-noPad

Mass incarceration pie, but you can’t eat it, silly! You must wrap it up, ship it off and overpopulate the manufacturers freezer with this yummy pie while letting all the other highly unhealthy pies clog your arteries and pile up on the grocery store shelves. Served until we run out of shelf space…or build more.


Gentrified Gingerbread. Swapped out from the original at home baker who has been displaced for the baker with riches, no remorse and who produced it with a “smile”. Served by the fresh, cool, hip waiter.


Oh and if I didn’t mention it, I’ll pick up the tab. 😉




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