21 Questions

My readers keep telling me how sassy my posts are becoming
I like it
I kinda like that I have “trigger” fingers as of lately
I’ve been doing this thing lately
I try to people watch a little harder
In everyday life, not just in my spare time
I want to see how and what people really say and do when the flush of social media terrors come about like waves in a deep dark sea

So per one of my  last posts
I wanted to ask…

Why the 21 questions?
Why the interrogation?
Why the victim shaming?
Why the why??

I overheard someone asking “why now? why are they all coming out and speaking up now?” in reference to the Harvey Weinstein sh*t show

Now while I can’t speak for the abused and violated women of the world
I can answer on my “why”

So listen carefully

When the line was crossed with me, it shocked me. I almost didn’t believe what had happened
It was over two years ago now, but just NOW had I even told someone that it happened, let alone realized that IT HAPPENED
Why did I take so long to face it?

Why the “delay” if that’s what you’d call it?

Here’s why for me:

The fear that if you speak up, no one will believe you. Or you will have opened up a wound for no reason at all but to remind yourself of how it got there.
How will people react? Will they blame me? Will they ask me how I got into the situation? Most people don’t talk about these things, so it’s hard to realize that you actually DO have a voice, and that more times than none, that voice is familiar.
It hurt then and it hurts now. So like, why? Why make it any worse?
When it happened you felt alone. Like no one could save you, but YOU saved YOU so YOU keep it to yourself.

When you see someone speaking out on something that you thought you were alone in, it makes you feel at ease…comfortable…wanted…and heard. That’s the bottom line of people addressing their similar experiences by the masses.

It’s like when we were kids and you got yourself into trouble, but you were scared that your parents would ground you if you told. Only now, we’re older and more complex. So that week you took as a kid to polish up your story for your parents turns into weeks, turns into years, turns into…


So pardon all of our years of living our damn lives trying to get over it and telling you when WE are ready.

Now do you get it? Yeahhhh, you get it 😉

kanye smile


2 Replies to “21 Questions”

  1. Word. Everything in its own time.

    Although it pains me to know of anyone being violated in such a violent, damaging manner, I applaud those who are ready to speak up and help others find their courage and voice. Good for them. And good for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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