Why I Blog

It might be hard to believe, but a lot of the time, I find myself lost for words when I sit down to write. I have to daydream, brainstorm, do a little dance, google extravagant words and exhale. Sometimes, it takes me hours to write about something…other times I knock it out in one sitting. When I’m stuck, I have to quote to my own self, read my own mind and pick my own brain.

That’s when I remember why I blog.

I blog because it’s why I’m here
I’m here to be a writer
To uplift
To inspire
I blog because I know that what I say is what I mean
& it hasn’t always been like that
I used to stumble over my words…afraid to speak up and be heard
I used to be unaware of who I was and what I wanted to say
I know, I’m young…but for so long, it felt like I would never know who I was
What I was here for

I’ve always been creative
Artistic of sorts
My brain was overloaded
Unsure of where to put everything
& that’s when the lightbulb went off! I can blog…I can write…I can create…I can share and I can just be! All in one place.

I blog because
I didn’t always have a voice
I was afraid
I was in toxic settings, boring jobs and meaningless relationships…holding me back from being who I needed to be for me
I blog because now I can set that all free

I blog because people stopped giving me chances
and so…
I started giving chances to myself

I blog because I want to be my own boss and I will be. Then you’ll see me walking on air flipping my hair just in bliss…like sis:


I’m still uncovering the rest of the reasons

That’s all for now…



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