Sometimes I wonder if I am too sensitive
If I let minuscule things get under my beautiful brown skin
By everything and everyone who doesn’t think or see like I do
I wonder
If people tip-toe around me for fear that they may offend me
Remember when I wrote about being Brown While Working?
I wonder
If I should just not have said anything; because I ruffled feathers; because I was out that day at work…but I saw photos of the event and everyone looked particularly happy sunken
BOOOO (thumbs down) b****hes
Same b****es who asked me to speak up in the first pl….
Convo for another time
but you see?
That’s what I mean
Am I too sensitive?
Should I brush it off and smile sink like the rest of them?
My friend called me crazy for that
No such thing
My friend knows that too…but it just struck a chord

This post is being concluded.
I think we all know that I know that I’m not.

Hi!! Still here. Still writing. Still “bitching and complaining”. Still reading?

Moment-Where-She-Clearly-Outgrown-Being-Single-Lady (1)


5 Replies to “sen·si·tive”

  1. Nah, you’re not crazy. But you know this.
    A lot of people have a thickass notebooks of things they should have said. People are walking around in relationships they don’t enjoy because things they should have said to their ex. Now they’re miserable. I’m all for speaking up. Don’t stifle your instincts! There are more than enough folks doing that.

    Thanks for being you.

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  2. Ha! No. You are NOT too sensitive. You either let it out or loose sleep.. and honey!!!!!! Queens sleep just fine!

    Side note. This picture?! Fucking life ❤️


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