Is You(r) Mindful(l)

It’s scary. When you begin to think for yourself.
Now…I know it sounds like that would be second nature to most of us, but it’s not. Don’t sleep.
You see, they don’t really want us to think for ourselves
They want universal mind control
It’s everywhere and it is so ingrained in us that we don’t even question it as much as we should
It’s on TV through advertising
It’s on the radio through “special features”
It’s product placement during the Superbowl
So much more than what meets the eye
It’s persuasive advertising
It’s “daily deals”, “fast sales”, “hottest events” and “get it while it lasts”
It’s religion condemning what no man can predict
It’s mega corporations and the “government”
It’s “structured” educational curriculum
It’s white history is history and black history is an elective
It’s racism was 400 years ago, let it go
Fill in your own blanks
It’s dressing like a slut if you show more than the one next to you
It’s double standards
It’s you should walk like and talk like and move like that one in the spotlight
It’s “relationship goals” and childhood folk tales
“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”…y’all know the rest

It gets scary when you start to see it…I mean SEE it
That shit becomes blinding. You can’t escape it even if you tried…but you can pay attention to it
Stay with me
It’s scary but that’s the intriguing part
Everything has to have a “something”
A something to draw you in
I hear that “something” all of the time when I’m thrown into the above ..and I turned a new leaf by tuning into it
Has anyone ever talked to you about opening your 3rd eye? That’s too much for this post…

I’m mentally exhausted, but that’s positive
It means my mind has experienced a workout
and a workout
and a workout

It scares me
How in tune with myself I’ve become
When I’m sad, I cry.
When I’m angry, I scream.
When I’m happy, I smile and bop around like a 5 year old.
When I’m inspired, I paint.
When I’m alive, I breath.
I breatheeeeeeee.
I am breathing

I’ll remove the shackles
One by one
I’ll let go..
Here I go….


Photo on 3-25-17 at 10.03 PM #3
XOXO- Ams.




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