Love from Lust from Love

Dating for millennials is different
At least from my experience
It’s not like it used to be and that’s OKAY
It’s cool…because it shouldn’t be
Dating should evolve just like we do
The one thing I have noticed and experienced is that many of us find it hard to separate love from lust
It’s soooo important to realize when you’re in either
We’ve all done it
Longed for someone for weeks, months, years even
We finally get them
& the once never-ending burn of the ember in them goes flat
& we kind of wonder if it should’ve or if to reignite?
So that’s when it should happen…I believe…that we should realize which one it was
Love or lust?
If you keep up with my blog, you may remember my post about love and how I always think I’m so close to securing it yet each time I seem to let it slip my grasp
Now that I’m re-reading and writing this…I’m wondering…
If I’ve never had love
If I’ve only ever had lust
And for whatever reason, misinterpreted what was or shaped it to love in my own head
It’s dead…
but conversations past 1:00am lead me here
Good talk

Xoxo- Ams


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