Welcome to the Good Life

I am a grow(ing) woman
I am not a lame or a “grandma” because I prefer not to hit the club every weekend
& I’m nowhere near overreacting because I choose not to drink anymore
Don’t get me wrong
I used to
and it was definitely a good ass time…but that’s behind me

Before somebody calls me out…I was just in the club last weekend…and the weekend before that…and one swollen foot (thanks homegirl in the stilettos who salsa danced back directly onto my foot *eye roll*) and $20+ in Uber rides later…I’m happy that those are rare occurrences for me now

You see, I like to do other shit in my free time
I like to write a shit ton and collab on ideas with other writers
I like to paint dope shit and vibe to Nina Simone crossed with Migos in the background while I create
I like to go to art museums and take pictures where signs are posted that you “can’t”
I like to eat…a lot…like a lot…
I like to host adult-ish get-togethers that include brunch and countless hours of conversation and mimosas + extra jugs of OJ & sparkling cider for my fellow non-drinkers
I like to spend absurd amounts of money decorating my apartment and re-inventing my personal style every now and then
I like to read books…multiple times…and then over-analyze them in my own head & convince my friends to read them too
I like to travel and increase my passport stamps
I like to just be..
Free to chill or not

I like to get higher

I’m definitely not putting down the club-goers
Turn up! Do you!
but don’t worry about me not being in attendance in the mean time
I’m good


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