Feminism ALSO has colors?

I get asked for my opinion a lot
My “take” on things
I’ve noticed …
Ever since I started blogging people value my viewpoint
So I got asked for viewpoint on “white feminism”
Now before I even got the chance to respond… I quickly thought to myself “wait… that’s a thing?”
White feminism is a thing? Wait..so…does that mean black feminism is also a thing??
I’ve never heard of white feminism?
I’ve never heard of black feminism?
Or Asian feminism?
Or Spanish feminism?
but I guess… white feminism is a real thing y’all..it is…I Googled it:


I’m not sure how I feel about this..so this post is more of a – I need your opinion post- rather than an “I’m writing this shit so what I say goes” post…

I don’t see the struggle, I guess, of the white feminist
Not now at least
I can’t
Most things now-a-days kind of work in their favor…but I get it…I guess…the differences in inequality amongst women period and then how that differs in race

Obviously, I can’t speak on it…I shouldn’t have to state the obvious
but I do wonder what the struggles are
*I’m trying to remain as non-sarcastic as possible here folks, damn this is hard*…but I kind of feel like this is a paralleled universe being created here, no? It’s like how they say “all lives matter” but does “all feminism matter”? Is this modern day segregation?? Is Black Feminism a thing too??? Shit…I’m at a loss

So in regards to my opinion…I don’t know…I truly don’t know

Should we separate it?
Does that defeat the purpose?

What’s up y’all?


5 Replies to “Feminism ALSO has colors?”

  1. All I know is the history of any feminist movement was based in the equal rights of white women to their counterparts: white men. Any time they were viewed to be in “solidarity” with other races, in my opinion, was for numbers sake or another benefit solely for them.

    I looked at all the protests and marches for Trump’s presidency and wondered where are these feminists were when Rekia Boyd was wrongfully murdered. So, in short, yes. Yes I do think it should be separate. Separate but definitely not equal.


    1. I was so taken aback by the label! To me it just screams privilege- I said the exact same thing when it was brought to my attention only I was a little rougher in my response. I kind of was just like “we can’t help you” with that label, but looking at everything as a whole made me question the separation. Thanks for commenting your take on it!!

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