It Should All Be So Simple

Ever felt so awkward…
So out of place in your space?
Like, yes, this is the life you live and the path you paved, but you feel so uncomfortable accepting it?

Social (black girl) awkwardness
It’s like painting a red X on my forehead
As a black woman, I’m perceived by the world to be born loud
“Why are you so quiet” is not only a question I get often but almost like a statement of “duh-you aren’t supposed to be this way, don’t you know that?” type question

I don’t consider myself quiet
It’s my bio in every social media site I’m on
I mean sure, I’m not the most talkative
To you..
But I save that for the likes of someone who deserves it

I’ll talk if you listen

I’ll talk if you not only listen, but HEAR me
Hear me like
Like it’s your job & your employment status is dependent on a real understanding of what I’ve said
Listen like
I’m exhausting words made of gold
This is the last shit you’ll ever be told
Like if you don’t hear me
You hear nothing ever again
I’m not quiet
I’m reserved
I reserve
My right to speak to you or speak at you
I could ask you if the sky is blue
I could ask you why the sky is blue
Two totally different thought processes go into developing the answer to those questions
I can provoke thought
Or scrape the surface
I’m deep
My therapist calls me “real”
I’ll talk if you value my words like they’re decorations on a blank canvas detailing his plan for us all
Like my words can break down the sinister Great Wall
Are you listening?


8 Replies to “It Should All Be So Simple”

  1. i am listening and you are speaking my heart.
    personally, i think listening is mroe important than speaking so i like to observe.
    i also find that i write out my thoughts best. this is a form of being talkative. this is a form of being loud. this is a form of being heard.

    love this piece ❤

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  2. Beautiful, I just had to share this. I feel like it struck a chord because I am that introverted black girl. The one who values quality conversation; thoughtful conversations. The one who often prefers their own company over a group of people who only want to touch on superficial topics. I want you to want to know me; what drives me, what inspires me, not just my favourite movie or band.

    Great work ✨

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