I had a dream Friday night that the world ended
Remember the scare? In 2012?
I think I have this dream upon every new year
Everyone around me is screaming f–k 2016 & “New Year, New Me!”
but I get scared
I’m not alone on this and I know it
I fear that it’s a new year
Did I do enough this past year? Will I do enough the next?
That fear translates
When the clock strikes midnight – it’s unavoidable
The doubts
I’ve got to face them
I’ve got to take them
& say yes, we did it..we’re here

Still Joyful
So did I do enough? Let’s see…

  • I decided to let my fro rock out for good in 2016
  • I got my first real job AND a promotion in 2016
  • I moved into my own place in 2016
  • I let love in in 2016
  • I let friends in in 2016
  • I accepted help in through the likes of my therapist and rode the wave until it settled to calm waters in 2016
  • I started this blog in 2016
  • I redefined my mind in 2016
  • Accepted that I am a “Bad Feminist” (thanks Roxanne Gay) in 2016
  • Stopped suppressing my black girl woes & let it out in 2016

I almost stopped blogging the other day
I thought, maybe this was a “2016 thing”, and that I could write one last post and conclude this part of my life
but this is a part of my life
One of those things I’m not willing to let go of
So will I do enough in 2017?
*See next 100s of blog posts*


One Reply to “2017”

  1. I’m so glad you decided to keep growing this blog! we definitely need your voice especially in a world that tries to silence it.
    congratulations on your 2016 accomplishments! you definitely did more than enough, and will do even more this year.


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