What’s the excuse for this one?

On this day
I am saddened
Yet again
by the pathetic force that is our “authority”

If it hasn’t hit you yet.. It will and it should

Not that I have in the past … But I just will not and cannot turn a blind eye to what continues to be police brutality .. No not brutality.. Police KILLINGS
I’m near tears writing this

That could be my brother, cousin, grandpa, friend, father, lover etc..
Thing is..it doesn’t even have to be to hurt me

My heart is with the family
The families (smh)

Today I promise to my people & myself that I will no longer be silent
Silence is the biggest part of the problem – even this post won’t do much but get overlooked, I’m just hoping I too can learn the answer to the question…What are we gonna do?

If anyone in the Chicagoland area knows of how to get involved in discussions, groups, etc that involve activism or whatever it may be please comment below.

If anyone on planet earth wants to discuss this together, please comment below.



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