My normal. Their appropriation.

If we never needed protective hairstyling
You wouldn’t have that “fresh urban look”
If we didn’t already do that whole…
“Boxer Braids” look. No..
Cornrows…. (Yes, CORNROWS, Kim K.)
Lip injections, plumpers and kits
To try and emulate our natural
How-to videos on getting “African-American curls”
Come on…
Rub on tans with shades that surpass most of our choices in makeup
..but you can wash that off when the day’s over
You can take that hair down and return to your normals
Your small procedures arent forever
& your privilege won’t even be questioned
Oh yeah,
You wouldn’t have the example to mirror without the original

Cultural appropriation
It’s real
It’s alive and well
Our lifestyles are now seasonal fashion trends
but when it’s a dying trend
& we still leave and breathe that reality..then what?
can I live ??


7 Replies to “My normal. Their appropriation.”

  1. It seems to me that if people are appropriating our culture, that puts us in a position of power. Aspects of one culture are attractive are sold on different models. There is something good about that. For me, it’s cultural integration. The foundation thing is never going to be resolved even if black women own makeup companies because, let’s face it, everyone wants Chanel and Tom Ford foundation. It happens all the time. They’re looking at us and we are looking at them. Why not work on being attractive in our own terms and sell that? That would be my solution.


    1. Wow! I never thought about it from that aspect, I do agree.. We are idolized almost, the question of why comes into play for me when I see that we are shunned for our features that they are now praised for. You put a fresh perspective on this! Thank you for sharing that!

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      1. It was hard to get to that point, believe me. I want you to be idolised. The why is not important. I had an African American subscriber scream at me numerous times because my largely white male readers were kind and supportive. She saw pure fiction in that. However, what they saw, without my saying so, is that I am a well read, educated professional woman. There is a lot of cute stuff but substance is in the thought behind the presentation. That’s where we own our power. Beauty and intellect. It is hard not to talk about what I don’t want. However, our so-called enemies are looking for the alternative. They want to offer respect, so I work hard at that.

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